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We Believe in Integrated Asset Management

SW Advisory Services provides comprehensive asset management to individuals and corporations throughout western Canada. We know agriculture and agri-business, and the people who own, live and work in the industry. We provide services based not only on our knowledge of long-term financial planning and portfolio management but also on our expertise regarding the particular needs and challenges of those who live and work in the agricultural sector.

The term “asset management” refers to more than invested savings or proceeds from your business sale. Our clients’ financial lives extend beyond invested cash—and as important as savings are—providing responsible and effective advice to our clients requires looking at everything our clients own. We review business assets such as farmland and commercial property, as well as personal assets such as homes, cottages and savings, and create a net worth statement that shows us (and our clients) exactly what their financial picture looks like. A clear view of our clients’ total financial wealth is imperative to ensuring their success now and in retirement.

With full knowledge of our clients’ finances, we can effectively ensure goals are met. These could be short-term goals such as educating children or saving for holidays, to big-picture needs such as retirement planning, philanthropic gifting, succession of a business, and ensuring estate needs are met for future generations.   


Progressive Farms. Progressive Services.

With our expertise in farm business planning, farm succession and agri-business, many of our clients are from rural areas of Western Canada. Our clients are farmers, business owners and also retirees who have passed down or sold their farm or business. However, we serve members outside of rural communities as well, and work with clients in urban areas of various professions.

This means we serve people just like you: individuals who need to know where they are financially and how to get to where they want to go. We serve those in need of financial planning and investment advice, retirement and estate planning, farm succession planning and farm management. We are able to serve our clients through the various stages of their financial life.

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Growing Your Assets

Through effective investment management and comprehensive retirement, business and succession planning, we will help you grow your wealth to make the retirement lifestyle you envisioned a reality. We do not use a blanket approach; we will work with you to create strategies that are tailored to your personal financial situation and your goals for yourself, your business and your estate.

Protecting Your Wealth

A successful financial plan to grow your wealth will ensure that wealth is protected long-term. We will regularly review your financial situation to keep you on track to meeting the goals you envision for yourself, your family and your farm. Strategies to protect your wealth include continual monitoring of your investment portfolio, your tax situation and opportunities to mitigate tax, the growth of your farm and succession strategies that will rely on insurance, tax and estate planning.

Passing Assets On

It is crucial to have plans in place to pass your assets on to those you leave behind. We can discuss options to make successioning your business and personal assets as easy and as tax-efficient as possible, including tools such as the restructure of your farm to be passed on to the younger generation, creating trusts, and other options. By helping you create a plan to transition your personal and business assets to your family, we provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you have safeguarded your wealth for both you and your family’s financial future.

Building Your Professional Team

We believe in the team concept and that we are better when we work together; the team at SW Advisory includes professionals with various expertise, allowing clients to benefit from the combined knowledge and talents of our group. We also work with other professionals outside of our firm to  provide legal, human resource, tax and other advice as required. It is this team approach, along with our experience in the agricultural sector, that provides our clients with the security and understanding of their own financial picture, how their retirement goals will be reached, and how their assets will be passed on.


We provide the following services to our clients:

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Investment Management

  • Professional investment portfolio management
  • Financial planning 
  • Retirement planning 
  • Strategic income tax planning

Risk Mitigation

  • Debt planning and advisory
  • Insuring financial risk
  • Income protection
  • Key-person insurance for business

Succession and Estate Planning

  • Farm and agricultural business succession planning
  • Intergenerational business transfers
  • Estate equalization
  • Will & estate planning
  • Succession financing

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